Deciding to go on trial.

Congratulations! We're excited for your family that you have decided to take one of our dogs for the two week trial to see how they fit into your family. 

Bits & bobs

Here is some material things that you should have before you start your trial:

  • Food & water bowl
  • At least 2kg of large breed dry kibble (we reccomend a mid brand like Optimum or Advance)
  • A quiet area for your dog
  • Extra poo bags

GRANT provides:

  • Collar/harness, lead and muzzle 
  • a dog blanket from the foster home
  • some food to transition to the new brand of food
  • the greyhound would already have flea and worming cover
  • Medication, if required


As your dog goes on trial, we ask that you care for the greyhound like it would in foster:

  • The greyhound should never be allowed to run unleashed except in a fully fenced, secure area.
  • Cruelty or neglect of the greyhound is a serious offence.
  • Have the greyhound solely as a domesticated house pet.
  • Contact us immediately if the greyhound is in any medical duress.
  • Be understanding of any existing behavioural quirks the greyhound might have. 
  • Have a watchful adult around when there are children around the greyhound.


  • GRANT will cover medical bills for any existing medical issues while on trial, until adoption contract is signed.
  • Existing medication that should administered during the trial period.

End of trial

You may return the greyhound before the end of the trial, and we request some feedback about the issue so that we can address them. Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

But if all is well, at the end of two weeks we will check in again to see how the greyhound and you are going. From here you can:


Fantastic! We will draw up the paperwork and invoice for you to sign and pay and you will officially be the greyhound's new family.


No obligations: if you feel that the greyhound is not the right fit for your home or want to trial a different greyhound, just let us know.

Important contact details


Grant Veterinary Practices

Darwin  - MyVet Service

2/5 Wulagi Place, Wulagi, 8927 3657

Palmerston - University Ave Vet Hospital

66 University Ave Durack, Palmerston, 8931 0455