Giving a chance to a pet-ter life.


GRANT assists the Darwin greyhound racing industry by providing owners and trainers with the option of having their hounds re-homed as pets once the dogs racing days are over. This usually happens when the greyhound turn 3 - 5 years.

Trainers surrender their dogs to us and we get them vet checked, desexed, and microchipped. The greyhounds then join our foster care system made of awesome volunteers who help them make the transition from racing dog to family pet.

When the dog is ready, we advertise that they're available for adoption. You, as a potential new owner will be welcoming a well behaved, healthy dog with plenty of pet-years left.

5 reasons to adopt a greyhound

  1. Gentle and intelligent breed.
  2. Dignified, quiet, and loyal to their owners.
  3. Super loving creatures, and they enjoy the company of humans and other dogs.
  4. Contrary to popular belief they are not energetic and do not need a lot of exercise. A 30 minute daily walk will keep them in top condition and then they will sleep all day!
  5. Disguised as oversized cats.

Our process is simple.


1. Apply within

First, we'll get you to fill in an application adoption form

Your answers in the form will tell us what you are looking for in your new family member we can either match you up with some suitable hounds or you can specify hounds that you're interested in.

2. Meet & greet

We will then arrange for you to meet the hound(s) with our Foster Liaison and you can decide who you think you might like to go on trial with.

You're more than welcome to meet as many greys and as many times.


3. Trial period

You and hound get an initial two week trial period to get to know each other better and see if you and greyhound is the one for you.

This is an adjustment period, and the greyhound might take awhile to adjust to it's new surroundings.

4. Finalisation

If all goes well after the two week trial, adoption can be finalised!

You'll have to sign some paperwork and pay the adoption fee of $295 AUD and includes sterilisation and all vaccinations of your new family member. 


5. Join the party!

After the paperwork has been signed and the fee paid, the greyhound is almost officially yours! You will need to register your new buddy with your local council and you can join the greyhound Mums and Dads in the Territory to share and support your journey with your greyhound.


Your information is kept private.

GRANT is strongly committed to protecting your privacy and details supplied to us are kept in strict confidence and are only used for the purpose for which they have been intended.