Fostering Form: your information is kept private.

GRANT is strongly committed to protecting your privacy and details supplied to us are kept in strict confidence and are only used for the purpose for which they have been intended.

This form will take you about 20 minutes to finish.


Please read the T&C's before applying

  • I understand that when I care for GRANT dogs in my home, I am doing so strictly as a volunteer and in the spirit of volunteerism.

  • By signing below, I certify that the information I have given is true, and I realise any misrepresentation of facts may result in my losing the privilege of fostering dogs. I understand that GRANT has the right to deny my request to foster animals in any situation that would be contrary to the GRANT policies, or when not in the best interest of the animal/s.

  • I agree to provide clean, warm, dry, comfortable housing, bedding and adequate space to accommodate all foster dog(s) without crowding.

  • I agree to never let a dog off leash under any circumstances.

  • I agree to contact the shelter supervisor and or Foster Care Team immediately if there are any health or behaviour changes in the animal(s).

  • If the foster dog(s) become sick or injured while in my care, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to contact GRANT for diagnosis and treatment. I will not take the animal to my own veterinarian unless in the case of emergency and with prior approval.

  • I agree that the animal will be returned when requested by the GRANT Foster Carer Liaison or the GRANT President.

  • If I for any reason am unable to directly care for the said dog, I understand that I cannot give the dog(s) away or sell to another person or authorise another person to care for the said dog.

  • I understand if I or another person wishes to adopt the dog(s) I will follow the normal adoption process.

  • I understand that GRANT is not responsible for any damage caused by the foster dogs(s) in my home.

  • I will be responsible for the safe transportation for the collection and return of dogs.

  • All items provided to me by GRANT to care for the foster dog(s) will always remain the property of GRANT.

  • I agree that I will protect the privacy and confidentiality of any information that I become aware of as a foster carer for GRANT. I agree that I will not use or disclose information other than for the purpose for which the information was first collected.

  • I hereby indemnify The Greyhound Rehoming Association NT (GRANT) against any claim, liability, complaint or demand made in respect of any dogs I may care for. I understand and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this foster care agreement and understand that the signatory acknowledges on behalf of myself that the agreement is understood and accepted.


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When are you able to start fostering?
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By signing this application in the space provided below, I certify that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my application will be assessed based on this information and any subsequent information requested or held by The Greyhound Rehoming Association NT (GRANT) to validate this application.
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