Information for Trainers and Owners.

It's your opportunity as a trainer or owner to have your greyhound assessed by GRANT to appraise whether the greyhound will be suitable as a family pet. 


Prepare Your Greyhound  

There are a number of things you can do to increase your Greyhound’s chances of passing assessment. These might include:

  • Have the dog walking nicely on a lead by your side.
  • Introduce him or her to strange people including children under supervision.
  • Take him or her out on street walks to the park; past the local school or shopping centre; beside busy roads, etc.
  • Bring him or her into the house for short periods.
  • Introduce him or her to other animals under controlled circumstances – including other dog breeds and particularly small and/or fluffy dogs.
  • Decrease his exercise requirements.
  • Ensure your dog is easy to handle, including having his/her body, paws, teeth etc. examined.

Generally, the longer a dog has been out of racing the greater the chance of passing assessment.


The dogs are tested for amiability towards people and are also small dog tested before they are accepted into the program. Dogs that are not successful with their assessment have the option to be reassessed at a later date. Your assessor will advise you as to why they haven’t passed and what can be done to increases the chances of being successful next time.

Although we would like to be able to accept every retired greyhound into the program some dogs are just not suitable as family pets.

What Happens Next

As we are a not-for-profit organisation these funds help us to cover the costs of microchipping, vaccination, sterilisation and a veterinary health check. On of our committee members will get in touch with you and give you an indication as to when the next foster home is available and discuss with you the arrangements to collect the dog.

Important: Joining the waiting list

Please note that putting your surrender form places your greyhound in the queue of our waiting list to foster, even if the behavioural assessment has been done. 

$100 AUD surrender fee must be paid and the dog must be de-registered before we take the dog into foster.