Providing a safe place to grow confidently.


Foster homes are the most important part of the GRANT program – we couldn't assess the greyhounds and re-home them without the foster families.

Each home plays a vital role in helping our greyhounds adjust to life outside the racing kennel. Sometimes this adjustment period is easy, other times it is more difficult and the dog needs all the patience, consideration, love and understanding that you can give.


Having a wide range of foster families is important as we have to fit the homes to the greyhounds. Not every dog is the same, some thrive on a footy team of kids to play with, others prefer a quieter home and it’s a challenge to find a perfect fit sometimes.

We're here with you.

We'll be there every step of the way for you and the greyhound, but here's some quick answers you may have right now:


Apply to be awesome.

First, we'll get you to fill in an application Foster Carer form

Your answers in the form will tell us your experience level and how we can match you up with some suitable hounds to be cuddle buddies with.

For how long?

The greyhound will usually remain in a foster home for six to eight weeks, but on occasions they may be there for longer.



What if I have to go away?

If you cannot hold a dog for a certain period (e.g. you are going away for a holiday) GRANT will find suitable housing for that time frame.

We don't expect you as a foster carer to have a constant stream of foster dogs and we try to be flexible in this regard. We also want to fit in with you!

Is there any costs to me?

We ask the foster carers to be responsible for purchasing the dogs food. We provide leads, martingale collars, bedding if required and all the assistance needed.

We will worry about all the veterinary bills.


Grey monthly walks

Once a month we have the Grey Walk at Nightcliff foreshore and we ask that any foster dog be brought to this whenever possible, and any other meet and greet which enables potential adoptive families to meet the dog.

Run simple obedience training

By being patient, fair and firm, you are giving the dog the rules they needs which will make them happy, and you are helping them be a well-mannered dog that is a pleasure to be around. Some commands we get you to teach:

  • Walk on a loose lead

  • Go to bed

  • Stay command


Most importantly

Greyhounds have a lot of love and affection to give but they need to learn trust, cuddles and just how to be a dog without expectation. They can run and play because it is a fun thing to do. They will get pats and cuddles just because they're loved.

We ask of foster carers is to show the dog lots of love and integrate it into family life. Some greyhounds are unsure of humans, and instilling trust is perhaps the most important thing in fostering.


Thank you for opening your home and your heart.

GRANT would love to establish a local network of foster carers across the NT with variable demographics.  If you are ready to be a foster parent, fill out our form and we'll get you started.

We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and details supplied to us are kept in strict confidence and are only used for the purpose for which they have been intended.