Fostering is greyt.

Congratulations! We're excited for your family that you have decided to take one of our dogs into your family and teaching it how to be a house pet. 

Bits & bobs

Here is some material things that you should have before you take your foster greyhound.

  • Food & water bowl
  • At least 2kg of large breed dry kibble (we reccomend a mid brand like Optimum or Advance)
  • A quiet area for your dog
  • Extra poo bags
  • Shampoo & nail clippers

GRANT provides:

  • Collar/harness, lead and muzzle 
  • Dog blanket - this goes with them to their forever home
  • Dog bed - this stays with you
  • Monthly flea and worming cover - please contact us if you do not receive a monthly supply. We usually issue it at our greyhounds walks.
  • Medication, if required

Note: from May 2018 we will supply a bag of food that was kindly donated by PetStock Berrimah! Limited supply.


Responsibilities & expectations

As the greyhound is under your care we ask that:

  • The greyhound should never be allowed to run unleashed except in a fully fenced, secure area.
  • Contact us immediately if the greyhound is in any medical duress.
  • Have a watchful adult around when there are children around the greyhound.
  • Medication must be administered responsibly. 
  • Train the dog in a positive manner.

The vet works

Your foster greyhound will go need to the vet to get desexed, immunised and have teeth cleaned.

Pre-op care

  • Give your greyhound a bath.
  • Your foster will need to be fasted the night before the appointment - so no food after 8pm, make sure there's water available.
  • The vet might ask you to sign some paperwork, we have organised what should be done but if they ask if you'd like to sign for additional add-ons to the surgery just decline.

Post-op care

Your greyhound will be quite tender, so here's some things to remember:

  • He/she might be quite woozy after the operations, so rest is important. 
  • Pain killers/antibiotics can be issued.
  • Feed a small meal at normal meal time after the operation - about half, or a third of their normal meal size. 
  • Keep the greyhound clean, and dry. 
  • Check the sutures for infection, contact us immediately if you suspect infection.
  • Light exercise like walking for the next two weeks. No jumping or running. 
  • In 10 days or so we'll organise a follow up appointment to get sutures removed, if required.

Articles for foster caring


Important contact details

Grant Veterinary Practices

Darwin  - MyVet Service

2/5 Wulagi Place, Wulagi, 8927 3657

Palmerston - University Ave Vet Hospital

66 University Ave Durack, Palmerston, 8931 0455